Brand Exhibition

In recent years, the sales of China's clothing e-commerce industry have shown a steady growth trend. According to the data released by ZhiYanZhan Industrial Research Institute, the market size of the clothing e-commerce industry was 2.11 trillion yuan in 2022, and this figure is expected to grow to 4.49 trillion yuan by 2029, with a CAGR of 34%. Meanwhile, with the development of Internet technology and the upgrading of consumer demand, e-commerce has become one of the most direct channels to reach consumers and consumer demand. Compared with the traditional offline consumption mode, the e-commerce model can also help brands to get accurate new customers, improve the repurchase rate and boost the spread of social media topics.

Based on the huge development space and growing demand of the apparel e-commerce industry, LINK FASHION, together with China Electronics Chamber of Commerce and Xiaofeibao, will jointly organize the 2024 China Fashion E-commerce Expo (CFE 2024) on May 8-10, 2024 at National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai). The exhibition will help enterprises to open up the upstream and downstream industry chain and omni-channel layout, and promote the high-speed development of the clothing e-commerce industry.